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Piano Moving is our Specialty

At Cyril Worth & Son Ltd. we have been moving pianos for decades, even delivering pianos from one generation to the next. This is why we understand a high quality of care and expertise is required at all times.

We gained our experience in moving pianos while providing a professional delivery service for a local piano shop. This experience and knowledge is embedded in the training of our staff so we can ensure, no matter the team, a successful piano move.

Whether you have an upright to a grand, we have the equipment to move it. We have an inventory of trollies, skids, straps and covers to ensure your piano is moved safely. We regularly carry out piano moves within Devon & Cornwall so we are not short of experience. 

If you are interested in purchasing a piano or simply want one moved from one end of the house to the other, contact us for a quote. 


Piano movers

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